21 HABITS WHICH MADE ME MILLIONAIRE is a biography of Rajesh Ramola’s habits from last 17 years and it is a major part of Rajesh Ramola success today.

The Book is made up of Rajesh Ramola’s beliefs and his routine activities.

The book includes ⅶ sub parts with introduction and conclusion. Each sub part have 3 habits and benefits of doing it regularly.

Reading this book will help you to build positive thoughts and habits given in the book will program your mind to transform your life personally as well as professionally.

These 21 habits will give you a lifestyle you have always imagined. It will transform your thought process to a newer level and the Shift from within would transform your world beyond your imagination.

Rajesh Ramola is open-hearted and down to earth person. The idea of sharing his Success Habits with the people is to Transform the lives of People.

Being a Life and Business Coach he always look forward to transformation and take up required initiative  to bring change in people ‘s lives.